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R.N. Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

The nature reserve is situated in the northwest of the province of Málaga. With an area of 1486.59 hectares, is located in the village of Fuente de Piedra and belongs to the set of endorheic lakes in the area of Antequera. The lake shape is elliptical, with 2.5 km width and 6.7 km long. The rain are the only water entering the system, divided between direct precipitation on the lake, surface runoff and underground supply. The only way out of the pond water evaporation occurs, which determines its closed or endorheic character.

The lake of Fuente de Piedra is the biggest of Andalucía, and offers a privileged environment for the flamingo breeding.

Due to the type of substrate, the evaporation of water causes the salt remaining on the surface crystallized. The exploitation of this resource, which is left to the fifties, dates back to Roman times. The old dikes, walls and channels used for that purpose today happen to be essential for flamingo nesting and other acuatic birds.

The landscape of this area, very soft and covered with olive groves and cereal relief is dominated by the huge lake, where the ecological interest in the large colony of flamingos that houses, is joined by the scenic beauty of its extensive sheet of water. Even in dry years, when the lake level decreases, the spectacular area does not disappear.
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