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Weather in Fuente de Piedra

Trails and viewpoints

Las Albinas trail

Lenght: 2,5 km
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 60 minutes
Access to La Vicaria viewpoint

Laguneto trail

Lenght: 250 m
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 15 minutes
Access to Los Abejarucos, Las Palomas and Laguneto observatories

Cerro del Palo viewpoint

This viewpoint is located behind José Antonio Valverde visitors Centre. You can see the whole lake from here.

La Vicaria viewpoint

You can see the west side of the lake from this viewpoint. It is located on a high point

Las Latas viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in the southern part of the lagoon. There are wonderful views of the lake and the village of Fuente de Piedra in the background from here.

Laguneto viewpoint

You can see a small lake from this viewpoint. You can find Flamingos, Avocets, ducks… there.

Los Abejarucos observatory

From this point we see the Laguna de los Abejarucos where they often live small birds, rabbits and dragonflies.

Las Palomas observatory

From this observatory we observe this small a lagoon. We can see ducks, Coots, Moorhens…
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